Thursday, December 3, 2009

A nice smile for Daddy

This is our last day in Lanzhou.  Later today we will be flying out to Guangzhou for Gen's medical appts. and Visa.  Gen is adjusting well.  She does prefer me to Paul, but Daddy can make her giggle better than I can.  Mommy's the comforter; Daddy's the funny guy!  At breakfast the other day he was raising his eyebrows up and down at her, and the next thing I know she is doing it back at him!  It was sooo funny, and very cute! 
I started teaching Gen a couple signs in ASL, eat and more.  I had only done them a few times and was floored when she signed more back to me at supper last night!  Such a smart little girl!  She also wipes her chin with a napkin when she feels drool or food coming out of her mouth. 
We are getting a lot of attention here in Lanzhou.  Sometimes when we walk outside we feel like a freak show at the circus (Paul's description not mine).  It is good attention though.  Everyone is very curious about the children (we are here with another couple and their little boy.) and want to ask questions.  I don't think people see a lot of Americans here, much less with Chinese babies.  We went to a grocery store and the clerks all gathered around us to talk and ask questions and then before we left one young woman gave us a bag full of little cookies for the children!  Very sweet.  
We wish our flight today was to go home instead of another province for another week.  Can't wait to squeeze our other children and breathe some fresh Maine air.  The air here is very smoggy and there is a lot of smoking here.  My throat is hurting me and I'm starting to get a little sick.  Hopefully Guangzhou is not as bad air wise. 
Well, I should get off the computer and start getting ready.  Have a wonderful weekend! I'll post more when we get to Guangzhou.


2girlpadgetts said...

Love hearing your updates. Been praying for you guys. When we were in Guangzhou it was the Olympics and they had shut down factories to lesson the pollution--it was still "pollutey". Enjoy the nice hotel and the island. j5

lisa said...

Glad things are going well. I too had problems with sore throat and cough related to pollution. Know the feeling about being stared at. Their not used to seeing the waiting children. Give Gen time, she'll go to your husband soon. It generally takes them a little longer to go to the dads. There aren't a lot of men around the orphanages. You are most definitely in our prayers. We had close friends leave here yesterday for China to pick up their daughter in another province.
In His Grip,
Lisa F
Qingyang Treasures

Debbie Martel said...

Paul and Cheryl

What beautiful photos of Gen. Can't wait to meet her. Sounds like she loves her 'forever mommy and daddy' very much.

I will pray that this week flies by fast for you and that everything is in order so that you can get home to the rest of your family.

Love you,


2girlpadgetts said...

Dear Lord, I just pray that you will heal Cheryl physical issues. "By His stripes we (Cheryl) are healed . . ."
She looks wonderful, Cheryl! How did the TB test turn out? By now, you must be in Guangzhou. I hope that you can touch base with my friend Judy (the cross necklace lady!) and be able to share Christ's love with more people that you meet. Say hi to the Haggerty's for us! I am setting up a New Years party at my house for our adoption friends. I think I might invite the Haggerty's as well.

Monie said...

oh my, her haircut and round little cheeks bring back memories of when we adopted our Evie. That picture made my heart skip a beat! I am so happy to hear that everything is going well for you.

JoAnn said...

She has a beautiful Smile!!