Sunday, December 13, 2009

We're HOME!!

So glad to finally be home, breathing fresh Maine air, sleeping in our own bed, brushing our teeth with the water from the faucet instead of bottled water, and hugging our other children! The trip home was long but Gen did incredibly well. We brought a car seat for the plane rides and she only cried the first time we put her in it, for about a half hour. After that she was a peach, and slept on and off most of the way home, praise God! If she had been really fussy the whole way, it would have been torture, since we had four layovers coming back... yep, four... Guangzhou to Beijing, Beijing to San Fran, SF to Chicago, Chicago to Portland, Maine. I don't think I want to see the inside of another plane for a long time, ha ha.

Sorry I didn't post again before we left Guangzhou. Gen did end up developing a fever in the middle of the night after her shots on Monday. She went back and forth with it for the rest of the week and we started to get concerned we might get stopped in the airport on the way home. Not sure if they really would have cared since we were leaving the country, but we didn't want to take any chances. We emailed home for everyone to pray and God is faithful; her fever broke overnight!

I also am in awe that she is doing so well sleeping. I was concerned about her having jetlag and being awake all night but when we got home (midnight) she slept through the night and last night was her second night and she slept till 7:45! Thank you Lord for small miracles!

Here's some more pics from our trip. Now that I can post them directly; I can add a bunch all at once. Enjoy!
Eating the famous local beef noodles in Lanzhou... Yum!

This statue was erected by the people of Lanzhou as a tribute to the Yellow River, which is said to be the Mother River of China. We were only two couples receiving our children in the province of Gansu. This is the other couple, Rick and Ann, and their little boy who they named... are you ready for this?..... Paul! We could tell from the pictures they showed us that he was going to be a little bundle of energy, and boy was he! Big Paul was dubbed "Uncle Paul" and he lost no time in tickling his new found nephew, much to little Paul's enjoyment!

Our guide while in Lanzhou - Kaiger (prounced like Tiger but with a K) Picture taken at a local park.Little Paul enjoying a ride in the park. Gen was sleeping on Daddy so we didn't want to wake her.


lisa said...

Wonderful to be home isn't it! Glad she is feeling better. Prayer is wonderful and our Lord is awesome. Get some much needed rest on comfortable beds not slabs! Look forward to seeing and hearing more.
We'll keep praying for bonding and attachment.
In His Grip,
Lisa F