Sunday, November 29, 2009

Playing with blocks we brought


2girlpadgetts said...

Is that a mohawk? LOL!

June said...

Soo thrilled and excited for you!!! Will keep praying!! Love, June Mosher

Tammy said...

wow... this is really cool to see. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these pictures. It really is exciting and inspiring to see them.

Katie said...

Congratulations, Cheryl!! :) Everyone looks happy and like they're adjusting well!

BTW, where are you staying in Lanzhou?

Qingyang Treasures Group

lisa said...

Congratulations Blanchette's! Gen is precious. I'm so glad things are going well. We will be praying for you guys. Our friends here, leave on Thursday to pick up their precious daughter in China. Hope things continue to go well. Sleep as well as you can on the very hard beds! Can't wait to hear and see more.
God bless you all.
Lisa F
Qingyang Treasures group