Monday, December 7, 2009

Medical checkup

Just a quick post to say that Gen's medical went really well.  Her TB test is negative.   Yay!  However, she did have to have five shots...  she wasn't too happy about that....  but she bounced back quickly and has been great all day since, with no fever or after effects.   Will post more later when I have a chance.  Have to get to bed.  We have a full day tomorrow!   Lots of love, Cheryl, Paul and Gen.


2girlpadgetts said...

Praise God!

Mommy, Baba(daddy in Manderine), Shane, Kyle arriving home after adopting precious little baby Mae Li from China . said...

I am praying for God to continue to protect Gen from any side affects from the shots and giving thanks that all else went well.

It is such a blessing to see your first pictures together with Gen and to see the joy in her eyes is so beautiful. She is obviously so happy that her mama and baby finally found her and will never let go of her forEVER!

The pic of the two of you w/Gen in her split pants is priceless and the one where she is looking down at her toy so happily engaged in play w/her mama and baba is so sweet. Her cheeks are so rosey and I bet you havent' been able to stop smothering them in kisses.

I think my favorite is the way you are looking at her during those first moments together. Oh how the memeories came flooding back. I know exactly how precious that moment is and I'm so so so happy for you all. Congratualions to your whole family for such a wonderuful miracle to be happening to you.

I pray for God's favor and protection over you all and that He will fill you with peace for every step of your journey home to your other treasures.

God's speed...

Brenda (Qingyang Treasures)

lisa said...

Glad things continue to go well. Sorry Gen had to get 5 shots! Major bummer for her. We will be praying.
Lisa F.
Qingyang Treasures