Friday, July 9, 2010

More pics

The first pic is with her filtrum (the two lines between the nose and lip) stitches still in and the second is with them removed.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Home from Gen's 2nd surgery!

Arrived home yesterday from Gen's lip surgery. (Dr. Mulliken worked on her nose as well.) I can't believe how different she looks. Part of me is sad that her face has changed so dramatically. I wasn't the only one. All the boys said they missed the way Gen looked before and asked why she couldn't have stayed that way. So sweet. Her mouth seems so tiny now. She's still, 3 days later, too swollen to smile. I'll be so glad to see that again. Of course, she's still Gen. Miss spunky and goofy. We went to drop off at Ethan at camp today, and she was acting all silly with one of the counselors. I'll post more pics as she heals. As the swelling goes down her look changes a little each day.

Time sure has flown by since the last time I posted here. The last couple months have been so full: finishing up homeschooling (well, the boys anyway), getting reviews done, putting in our garden, getting ready for the 2 older ones to go to camp, having our 6 month post-placement visit (unbelievable, 6 months already!) setting up speech therapy for Gen, and gearing up for her surgery. Tomorrow I am back off to Boston to have Gen's top stitches removed. It's a day surgery, but even though it's only 15 min. long, she has to be put under and can't eat anything for 8 hours prior. That means I need to be there at 6 am, so we'll be sleeping over tomorrow night and she'll go in Tuesday morning. I'll need to be watching Gen like a hawk for the next couple weeks while her lip heals, and then Paul's off for a week to California for a business conference. A couple more weeks to gear up for school in the fall, and then I'm back in to a full schedule again, which will include speech therapy for Gen. Phew! Life's hectic, but life's good!

Happy Fourth of July everybody!!!