Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pictures from the Safari Park in Guangzhou

Very beautiful park with tons of animals.
Below is just a sampling from what we saw.
Bamboo trees on one of the walkways. Incredible to walk through...This is the "train" (notice the regular wheels) that we took for part
of the day to ride around and see part of the park. Some of the animals were behind electrified wire but some, like the camel, were roaming around free and came right up beside the train. His head got a little clipped off... hard to take pictures from a moving vehicle...This feeding area for the giraffes was awesome. You can only get a small sense from the picture what it was like, but there were tons of different animals just roaming around in this area. It really made you feel like you were on an African safari. Really cool.This was the walking portion of the Safari Park. Here's Paul walking Gen in the stroller on one of the larger walkways. Very lush surroundings.Me, holding and petting a baby tiger cub (for 20 Yuan, about the equivalent of $3). He looks pretty content here, but he was pretty squirmy, and snarled a few times. It really gave you a taste of the power of these animals. When he snarled and showed his teeth, I realized even this little cub could take a good hunk out of me if he really wanted to. Feeding the giraffes... their tongues were a riot.The highlight of the park... of course at the very end of the park, so you have to walk through everything else to see them... the pandas.A couple pics of birds at the very end before you walk out of the park... flamingos and some kind of red bird that I didn't get a chance to read the sign on what they were.


2girlpadgetts said...

Okay, I am jealous! We wanted to see panda bears! I guess the weather was too hot!