Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The last acronym! CA!!!!!!!!

Our travel dates came yesterday!! We are officially leaving the day before Thanksgiving! We arrive in Beijing on Thanksgiving Day and will meet Gen on the 29th!!!

I spent over 6 hours on and off the phone and computer trying to book tickets yesterday. What a headache that was! I am sooo glad I can check that off my list. Although I still have a couple small details I need to check on, so back on the phone I go.... Uhggg.....

This morning the kids are so excited; they're already packing their bags to go their Mimi and Poppa's and their Aunt's house. One minute Gemma and Seth are arguing with each other about who ate the most of their favorite breakfast cereal, the next they're rushing upstairs together to pick out what clothes and things to pack. Gotta love it. :O)


Rebekah said...

Congratulations! Your little girl is just precious. Isn't it so exciting to know that in less than 2 weeks you will be hugging and kissing her? We are leaving on Thanksgiving day to meet our little boy in Shanxi province. Our CA is on Dec. 9, so we will be in Guangzhou at the same time. Maybe we will see each other there. Many blessings to your family in the weeks ahead.