Saturday, March 27, 2010

Forgot a couple pics...

Gen holding her cousin Gavin (the day before we left for Boston). It was so cute... I was holding Gavin during Aidan's birthday party and Gen, who had been playing, saw me holding him. She started to whine and I thought, "Okay, there's the end of that. She's jealous." To my surprise she held out her arms, not for me, but instead motioned that she wanted to hold Gavin too! So precious! Check out the tongue action though... Is that a little cousin rivalry starting already?

Gen on her way home from the hospital, looking none too impressed that we are stopping already (just a few minutes from the hospital to get some baby food at Shaw's). All the way home she kept lifting her head up to look out the window, as if to say "Are we there yet?"


Rebekah said...

I'm glad to read that Gen's surgery went well. I remember seeing your family in Guangzhou, but never made the connection as to who you were! Your pictures of Gen are precious and it sounds like she is doing well adjusting to your family. Best of luck with her recovery. Our son just had surgery at the beginning of the month, and his recovery has been rough. (totally different surgery though). I LOVE the picture of Gen holding her baby cousin. Priceless!