Thursday, August 13, 2009


Testing out the remote posting feature in anticipation of using it while we're in China.  Lots of reports from other adoptive parents that Blogger is blocked in China.  Adding a pic to see how it posts...

Two of my boys, proudly showing off one of many catch and release creatures (after a lot of prodding of course). Edit: To release it that is, not to pose for the picture. They didn't need any prodding for that!


Shirlee McCoy said...

Cool creature!

Congrats on your LOA! I'm so excited to see that your adoption is moving forward.

lisa said...

I'm one of your Qingyang buddies. I'm Andrew's mom, Lisa F. Gen is beautifyl and so are you're 2 boys, very handsome, not beautiful that is. Can't wait until you go to China. Looking forward to following you and see more pics of Gen.
In His Grip,